Explorer (Amanohashidate, Ine, Kinosaki Onsen, Takeda Castle)

Plan Details

The course to visit the representative sightseeing spots of North-Kansai.

The plan to journey to Amanohashidate: one of the Japan three view, Ine Boat houses: the town the nearest to the sea in Japan, Kinosaki Onsen: one of the most famous spa with 1300 years of history, and Takeda Castle Ruins: the castle floating in the sky called Japan’s Machu Picchu.

  • AM8:00
    JR Osaka Station

    Departure JR Osaka Station

    Ride the limited express Kounotori No.1.
    1.5 hour ride to go to JR Fukuchiyama.
    From JR Kyoto Station, ride Kinosaki no.3 at 8:36am.

  • AM10:00
    Kyoto Tango Railway Fukuchiyama Station

    Departure Kyoto Tango Railway Fukuchiyama Station

    Go throuhgh the gate at JR Fukuchiyama Station and change to Kyoto Tango Railway. Find Kuromatsu, the balck train.
    Get the peaceful landscape from the inside of the train as if a restaurant.

  • Kuromatsu Sweets course

    Groumet Kuromatsu Sweets course

    Sweets of Yumenosato Yanagawa, particular about local ingredients will be offered.
    Starting with popular menu of Japanese Montblanc, 4 kinds of sweets are served in a course.
    Firstly, welcome jelly, main sweets, lastly 2 kinds of fruit sweets are included.

  • In and Around Amanohashidate

    Explore In and Around Amanohashidate

    Amanohashidae has been called one of the 3 most beautiful views from old times.
    3km of shoal floating on Miyazu bay and white sandy beach with thousands of pine are such a wonderful view made by nature.
    The scenery can be enjoyed from 2 of observatories in South and North.

  • PM1:00
    Amanohashidate View Land

    Explore Amanohashidate View Land

    The observatory to see around Amanohashidate from the south side located at the top of Mt. Monju.
    The view from Amanohashidate View Land is called Hiryukan meaning a dragon flying in the sky.

    TEL 0772-22-5304
    URL http://www.viewland.jp/
  • PM2:00
    Kasamatsu Park

    Explore Kasamatsu Park

    Here is the observatory to get a panorama view of Amanohashidate from north side.
    The view from Kasamatsu park is called Shoryukan that means Amanohashidate looks as if a dragon rising to the sky.

  • PM5:00
    Amanohashidate Hotel

    Check-in Amanohashidate Hotel

    There are many attractive accomodation with a superb view, hisory and so on in Amanohashidate.
    Let’s stay at Amanohashidate Hotel this time.
    The authentic resort hotel where you can overlook the whole scenic site of Amanohashidate.
    Bathing Amanohashidate onsen, enjoy the superb view and seasonal dishes.

  • AM9:00

    Departure Amanohashidate Station Tango Kairiku Kots (route bus)

    Ride a route bus and go to Ine boat houses.

  • AM10:00

    Arrival Inewanmeguri Hide StationTango Kairiku Kots (route bus)

  • Ine Bay Sightseeing Boat

    Explore Ine Bay Sightseeing Boat

    Ine Bay Sightseeing Boat travel around Ine Bay where Boat houses are lined up taking 25min.
    Seeing the view of boat houses surrounding the bay with atmosphere is unlikely to encounter comparing to thhe one from land.

  • Country Road Station

    Arrival Country Road Station “Funaya no sato Park”

    Funaya no sato enables to experience and find every attraction at Ine including the scenery of Funaya with atmosphere and dynamic sea of Japan, various fresh and tasty seasonal fish dishes, and souvenirs to memorize this trip.
    Enjoy the delicious meals and beautiful Funaya together.

  • PM1:30
    Kyoto Tango Railway

    Departure Hide Station Tango Kairiku Kotsu (Route bus)

    Ride a bus again and go to Kyoto Tango Railway Amanohashidate Station.
    From there, ride a train to get to Toyooka Station and change to JR and head to Kinosaki Onsen.

  • PM4:00

    Check-in Japanese inn Yutouya

    Kinosaki Onsen town is full of Japanese inns.
    Stay at Yutouya on Day-2. Here is as designated tangible cultural property since it has been established in 1688, Edo period.
    About 6612m2 of garden, Japanese architecture and seasonal dishes let you feel the history.

    TEL 0796-32-2121
    URL http://www.yutouya.com/
  • PM8:00
    Visit 7 Public Baths

    Visit 7 Public Baths

    Kinosaki’s specialty is Sotoyumeguri (Visit public baths). People at Kinosaki welcome visitors to spas from a long time ago as if the whole town is home: inns are living rooms and streets are corridors.
    Change into Yukata and go for a wander!

  • AM9:00
    JR Kinosaki Onsen Station Sightseeing train Takeda Castle Ruins

    Departure JR Kinosaki Onsen Station Sightseeing train Takeda Castle Ruins

    Go to JR Takeda Station from Kinosaki Onsen Station. After that, ride a bus to get to the Takeda Castle Ruins.

  • AM11:00
    Takeda Castle Ruins

    Explore Takeda Castle Ruins

    Takeda Castle Ruins so rare that it remains completely. Here is also called Torafusujo/ Kogajo, because it looks a tiger lying down.
    On sunny day in late autumn, the castle can be seen surrounded by a sea of clouds, thus resembling a castle floating in the sky.
    As time goes by, visitors have given the names of “castle floating in the sky” or “Machu Picchu in Japan” to the ruins of Takeda Castle.

  • PM1:30

    Departure Takeda Castle Ruins Station

    Ride a bus to Takeda Station. Go back to Osaka by train and the tour to visit North-Kansai is over.
    Change the trains to Limited express Kounotori No.16 at JR Wadayama Station.
    To Kyoto, ride on Hasidate No.4 at JR Fukuchiyama Station.